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Behind the Scenes of "The Fuck-Buddy Vs. The Thug"

Starring: Dragon & Eureka

Category: Bonus Footage & Outtakes

Total Running Time: 10 minutes

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Clip 1: Medium | Large
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Here are a couple clips of behind-the-scenes footage from The Fuck-Buddy Vs. The Thug: The Fuck-Buddy:

In the first part of Clip #1, I praise Dragon's deep-throating skills and talk about the unique chemistry that he and Eureka bring to their scene due to the fact that they are already close friends. Dragon then puts Eureka's big dick in his mouth and starts sucking to get it hard and ready to fuck.

The second part of Clip #1 features Eureka preparing his friend for the intense fucking that comes later by pushing his finger into Dragon's tight asshole. Dragon clearly doesn't enjoy the sensation, and he isn't shy about letting Eureka and me know!

Clip #2 begins with me teasing Eureka (who insists he is strictly a "top") about starring in BBA's own version of Pitbull Productions' "Take 'Em Down" series, in which famous porn-star "tops" finally get fucked on camera by Tiger Tyson and others. This prompts Dragon to address his fans directly regarding how he defines himself sexually, as well as how he feels about people recognizing him on the street. There's also a funny moment where Dragon flips out when he sees some of the sexual acrobatics taking place on the porn video playing in the background.

The second part of Clip #2 starts off with Dragon making fun of Eureka, who had earlier singed his eyebrows when trying to light his cigarette with my gas stove. They finally quit joking and get down to business, kissing and embracing as foreplay for the second round of fucking. Eureka turns Dragon around and begins rubbing and slapping his dick against his buddy's ass in an effort to get hard for the hardcore action that follows. I felt like this part of the video-shoot was too slow and uneventful and might risk disrupting the flow and intensity of the hardcore action. As an outtake, however, I think it's sort of cute and entertaining to watch.

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